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Learn Jubelio in 10 Minutes

Getting Started

Learn how to do initial data set up before using Jubelio Omnichannel.

Catalog Management

Find out ways to create products then upload them from Jubelio to your desired sales channel.

Inventory Management

Monitor your products stock and do inventory adjustment from Jubelio to e-commerce.

Warehouse Management

Learn how to optimize and manage your warehouse operations. From moving goods, setting up racks for storage and many more!

Orders Management

Learn how Jubelio Omnichannel fulfill orders from integrated sales channel.

Accounting and Finance

Oversee your business bookkeeping, financial situation and all data related to business and transactions.

Sekarang Jubelio punya program product refreshment lho! Di program ini kamu bisa mengikuti retraining gratis soal fitur-fitur Jubelio. Selengkapnya klik di bawah!