Privacy Policy and Data Protection

Privacy Policy

At Jubelio, we value the confidentiality of your data. We are committed to implementing strict procedures in implementing the confidentiality of your data in our hands.

By default, all data that can identify you will be encrypted and scrambled, so that it cannot be identified (anonymous).

We guarantee that we will not spread non-anonymous data to parties outside the company. Especially selling your data.

In the interest of providing a better experience for our customers, we may be able to use your data as a reference for us to improve the quality of our programs.

Data Protection

The security of your data is our number 1 priority. We implement technology that will ensure that your data is safe in our hands.


We use SSL to ensure that communications between you and Jubelio are encrypted. So that no one can eavesdrop on your communication with us.


We perform encryption (Encryption) on your sensitive data, such as email, passwords, etc. This will ensure that only authorized parties can view your data.

Proven Infrastructure

We use Microsoft Azure as our cloud service provider. Microsoft Azure has a proven reputation for data security issues.

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